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HairCut Story.........

Make Me Bald

by a Recruit 

It had been awhile since I had been into my local barber for a haircut. My hair had grown longer than usual. So, I decided it was time for a shorter style. As soon as I entered the shop I was aghast.

Other than being busy, my usual barber took me by surprise. Instead of his usual ivy league cut he now had his shaven totally bald. I asked him as he was cutting a customer's hair "When did you do that?" He answered "Oh, a couple of days ago. You like it?" I was not sure what to say. I had always seen him with longer hair. I finally replied, "It does look good on you." He just laughed.

As I sat there waiting my turn I could not get over his new look. When one guy with longish blonde hair got into the chair he said "Mike give me one like you." He was obliged and I watched as my barber buzzed off his long hair then lathered and shaved him bald. The fellow rubbed his head and said” Real Smooth." Next a friend of his with an ivy league cut asked for the same. The two left rubbing their now baldheads and commenting on great each other looked.

I was in awe over it all. Before I knew it I was in the chair. Mike asked me "Well, how about it want it like mine?" I was not sure about going that far. He said, "Come on feel how smooth it is." I put my hand to his shaven pate.

I could not believe how smooth it felt. I said, "I think I will get a flattop.” He said "Okay, but you should go for bald you will love it." I told him I just was not sure. He proceeded to cut my into a flattop. As he cut my hair I could not take my eyes of his gleaming head in the lights. I found myself "Okay do it make me bald!" He laughed and said "I knew you would come around you will find it will grow on you." Mike proceeded to buzz me down as far as he could.

Then he lathered up my head and shaved my brown stubble down to the skin. He was right I love it. And go in regularly and have my head shave by Bald Mike my barber.

The End